Kahuku High School Has The Greatest Graduation Tradition Of All Time

Jun 8, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Remember your high school graduation? You sat and listened to the speakers (maybe the principal told a joke that was actually funny for once), then you walked across the stage to get your diploma and threw your cap in the air. That's how pretty much all of us did it, and boy did we do it wrong. The graduating class of 2015 from Kahuku High School in Hawaii officially blew every other graduation out of the water.

With only two days to coordinate the entire thing, these seniors wrote several song parodies, choreographed dance moves and even got a cultural specialist (who was one of their dads) to help them make their own "haka" - a traditional dance of the Maori people of New Zealand, often performed by warriors going into battle. The custom KHS haka even mentioned the school's mascot, the Red Raiders. Apparently, some kind of awesome graduation dance is an annual tradition for outgoing seniors of KHS, which is making me pretty jealous I didn't go to school there.
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