Kid Has The Cutest Reaction When He Catches Santa On Camera

Dec 28, 2014
YouTube user Dean Fisher uploaded a video on December 26 of his nephew Evan. As of the 28th, this video has already been viewed by over 3 million. What is so special about this video?

Like any seven year old boy, Evan wanted proof that the big guy in the red suit exists. So, he enlisted the help of his older brother (seen at the start of the video) and his GoPro camera, known for their small size, yet crystal clear images, to catch Santa in action. The young man's delight is priceless. Not only did he capture the sound of reindeer bells and delivery of the family's presents, he also records some Santa magic.

After everyone is asleep, Uncle Dean goes to work. Dean shared, "I went to the house dressed as The Jolly One and did the shoot, then stayed up until 4:00am editing and getting the finished video back onto the GoPro. The 2 hours of sleep was definitely worth it."
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