Learn How To Make Millions Diving For Golf Balls

Nov 14, 2015 By Jake Brannon

Golfers dread hearing the word "fore" shouted on the course. It signifies that a golf ball is about to be lost to one of the hole's various hazards. But, for a special few who roam golf courses, the word "fore" might as well mean "cha-ching."

Glen Berger is one of many professional golf ball divers across the United States. Golfers lose an estimated 300 million balls annually, and only 100 million of those are ever recovered. Losing a Titleist or two to a pond isn't a big deal for most players, but for divers who can make around $1 per ball, they add up quickly. It turns out Gordon Gekko has been wrong this whole time. Your fortune isn't waiting for you on Wall Street, instead it's hiding at the bottom of a murky lake in Florida, guarded by a couple of hungry alligators.

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