Little Girl Has The Most Adorable Reaction To Mufasa's Death In "The Lion King"

Apr 19, 2015
Keith Harris from San Diego, California, recently uploaded a video to his Facebook of his daughter watching Disney's "Lion King" for the first time. Little Viktoria is just two-and-a-half years old, but she certainly knows when something is sad. For those of you not familiar with the 1994 blockbuster hit, the story is set around a young lion cub named Simba. His father, Mufasa, is thrown off a cliff by his own brother (Simba's uncle), Scar.

Scar kills his brother as Simba looks on and he does so in order to acquire the throne. This sweet little cherub has just watched the difficult scene as her daddy records her reaction. Anyone who is familiar with this children's classic can absolutely agree that upon seeing this for the first time, they know exactly how Viktoria feels.
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