Magpie Makes An Eerie Sound.

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Remember those scenes in Disney movies where the princess would open the window and birds would fly in and chirp sweetly to her while helping her brush her hair? This woman is sort of like the real-life version of that. Only instead of a delightful songbird trill, this magpie does its best every imitation of a little girl laughing as the woman tickles its feathers.

Did the magpie come up with this on its own or is it imitating a familiar sound? It's most likely that the magpie was imitating a familiar sound that it had picked up in the yard. Magpies are masterful imitators, and can mimic everyday noises like cellphones, car engines, barking dogs, even other bird calls. Magpies are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world and one of the only non-mammals able to discern its own reflection in a mirror.