Maiya Sykes Delivers A Stunning Rendition Of Green Day's "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"

Jun 24, 2015 By Shannon Barbour
It's hard to believe the alternative rock band Green Day is almost 30 years old. From humble beginnings, to '90s breakout success and their April 2015 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they're known for a long string of hits.

Among their biggest albums is the 2004 American Idiot, a rock opera inspired by the Who's Tommy, among other influences. The album's top single, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" won the Grammy for Record of the Year, honoring a song's production and performance, in 2006. The song was huge, but it's never been done quite like this. The stirring, soul rendition from Maiya Sykes makes the bold lyrics even more poignant.
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