Man And Horse Working Together In Perfect Harmony.

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Santi Serra has got quite a relationship with his horses. His training method is a little bit … different from most. As he says: "Usually it takes from six months to a year to achieve complete harmony. At the beginning I only attempt communication from the ground, with freedom, then once the harmony has been established, I tame them and ride them. Once the bond becomes solid and the harmony is instant, we move together in freedom, we often go to the sea shore and I ride without saddle and bit. I spend many hours with my horses in the silence and darkness of the night, during which a deep feeling is established between us. My goal is for the horse to feel free even when it is with me, to keep intact its nature and to have fun with me and ensure it is happy."

Whereas most horse training is a bit more concerned with obedience, Santi Serra’s at least from his own perspective, seems to be about establishing a rapport and friendship with the horse. Certainly he expects certain commands to be followed, but he seems to want the horses to “agree” to it rather than obey.

It makes for quite the interesting show, for sure, but also quite the ... interesting personal life: "We have such a relationship of friendship and love that she is even jealous of me. When I and my girlfriend, Nicole, embrace, she approaches us and stares straight into Nicole's eyes as if she were a jealous girlfriend.”