Man Creates The Ultimate Wood-Chopping Tool.

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Axes have been used by man for millennia. In fact, the world's oldest axe was discovered in February 2013 and it dated to be 35,500 years old. It was a fragment of the tool, but nonetheless, it cannot be denied that an axe is one of the oldest tools in use and it is also a version of a simple machine. In its basic form, an axe is a dual inclined plane or wedge. It is known for harvesting wood, splitting it into two halves with each swing of the axe.

YouTube user K Holmz (username KH4 on recently uploaded his creation, which is an upgraded axe that goes beyond the typical, two-faced head. Instead, Holmz has created a cross-bladed version using two, dual inclined planes, which results in eight faces of metal. With a traditional, two-faced model, wood is split into two, fairly equal pieces. With his upgraded, eight-faced version, a single piece of wood is split into four, fairly equal pieces. Obviously, this would cut the time spent splitting wood in half because twice the work is now done with a single swing.

Holmz uploaded instructions for a DIY version of his axe onto the website, and offers his Google+ identity where viewers are encouraged to privately message him for one of their own.