Man Drops Himself Into Volcano And Takes A Selfie

Jan 12, 2015
First uploaded by Sam Crossman on his YouTube channel of the same name, this clip seems to come direct from the cinema effects of Hollywood. But, special effects it is not- filmmaker Sam and documentarian George Kouronis are two explorers that decided to travel where most have not. They dared to explore the crater of Marum volcano in the South Pacific's Vanuatu. This is one of 5 places on Earth that have persistent lava lakes.

In heat protectant suits, the pair experienced the lava lakes, flying molten rock, and splashing acid rain. Kouronis described the descent like climbing Everest in reverse, with the 400 meters of near vertical loose rock face, which they faced on the descent and ascent. Their equipment was a GoPro camera and a Sony NX camera. One of the cameras suffered heat damage and George's suit was ruined by the acid rain, but both men lived to tell this harrowing tale.
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