Man Picks Up Dog From Shelter

I remember bringing my first dog home from the animal shelter. My heart was bursting with joy and nervousness. Getting a dog can be the best feeling the world. But you never expect you might end up with a story like this. A man adopted Reggie, a Labrador puppy, and things were difficult at first.

The man had recently moved into a new city and was trying to figure out his new surroundings. Reggie was trying to adjust to his new surroundings too. The shelter had a two-week return period in case Reggie and the man were not a good fit. By the end of the two weeks the man was about to bring Reggie back to the shelter. That's when he found a box containing Reggie's stuff, along with a very important letter from his last owner.

Read the letter below.

In the end, Reggie's previous owner, Paul Mallory, was a soldier who had been killed in action while saving his three friends. The letter made the man see his new dog in a whole new way.

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H/T: HeroViral | Tickld

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