Man Sacrifices His Own Health On A Nightly Basis To Feed The Homeless.

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Allan Law is a retired teacher from Minnesota. For the last 16 years, he's been handing out sandwiches, clothes and other supplies to the local homeless population. He's become known in the Minneapolis area as the "Sandwich Man," driving through the wee hours most nights of the week in his van and delivering food for the hungry. 

He gets sandwiches made by over 800 local churches, businesses and other civic groups and he even grabs food from gas stations that are about to throw it out. It's estimated that last year he handed out over 700,000 sandwiches and 7,000 pairs of socks. Law's nightly activities mean he gets by on little to no sleep most of the time, which his doctors have strongly advised him against. Still, he continues on for one simple reason: "Somebody has to care."

If you would like to learn more about Allan Law or help support his efforts, please visit the website for his non-profit organization, Minneapolis Recreation Development.