Man Shaves Face With An Ax ... No, Seriously

Aug 18, 2015 By Stacey Leigh
Ready to add a little more manly manpower to your morning? You could brew your coffee extra strong, give a few more spritzes of that musky cologne... or you could really boost your manliness by shaving with an axe. In case you missed it, the last two years have seen the unlikely return of the lumberjack. And this time he's gone city slicker.

Assumed to be a response to the metro-aesthetic of the early to mid 2000s, the lumberjack look wandered first through the coastal forests of Silverlake and Williamsburg shortly after 2010 and by 2014, had cleared a path to Portland, Minneapolis and Austin. By 2014, he was everywhere. Got a lumberjack man in your life? Treat him to a wilderness kit, a survival guide, a hand-grinding coffee mill, anything plaid, and, of course, a good bottle of hearty beard oil.
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