Man Solves The Largest Rubik's Cube Of All Time

Jan 7, 2015
Most people remember the radical craze that swept nations: the Rubik's Cube. Originally a 3x3x3 puzzle cube created by Erno Rubik, the toy has evolved into 4x4x4s, 5x5x5s, and the largest of them all, the 17x17x17. While many believe that it's completely impossible to solve, this guy (not so) quickly disproves that theory.

Kenneth Bradon, a lover of puzzles, debuts his incredibly time-consuming unscrambling of the largest ever Rubik's cube. Prefaced by a brief explanation on his strategy, he time lapses his process to condense it down to about 6 minutes. Kenneth doesn't fail to reveal the true amount of time it took to solve this outlandish puzzle cube.
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