Marshmallow Farming

Oct 31, 2015 By Jake Brannon

Marshmallows are a fruit that we often take for granted, not wanting to think about the hard work that goes into farming them. Unfortunately, this season's marshmallow crop will force us to do just that. North Carolina, widely known as the largest producer of marshmallows, was hit hard by rain storms that destroyed the majority of their harvest. This weather, which no one could have predicted, is sure to have an effect on everyone from consumers to farmers.

Marshmallow farmers are a handful of brave individuals chasing an unlikely goal. Some say they do it for the money, others for the glory, but folks like Ben Yokan tell a different story. When he looks at the marshmallow trees covering his land, he doesn't see a huge paycheck or recognition from his peers. Instead, Yokan sees a child biting into a s'more for the first time. He sees someone plopping a few perfectly ripe mallows into a mug of hot chocolate as snow descends from the clouds. Ben Yokan is farming a dream. And while it didn't come to fruition this fall, there will always be another harvest and another chance to make the world a better place.

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