Meet A Man Whose Taste Buds Are Worth 1 Million Dollars.

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Talk about having the greatest job in the world: John Harrison is a professional ice cream taster for Edy's/Dreyer's Ice Cream (depending on what region you live in). His services as a taster are so valuable to Edy's that they've insured his taste buds for $1 million (a little over $100 per taste bud).

That exorbitant amount is worth it though, because John is responsible for more than just quality control. He's also helped the company come up with some hugely popular flavors like Cookies 'N Cream (ranked no. 5 in the world) and French Silk (which now outsells vanilla in some markets).

John spits out the ice cream he tastes (getting full ruins his taste accuracy), but he admits he's gained weight over 20 years. To that he says, "Who would trust a skinny ice cream taster?"