Meet "Benny The Bull," The NBA's Greatest Mascot

Mar 11, 2015
Benny the Bull is the mascot for the NBA's Chicago Bulls. The oldest of all NBA mascots, Benny first started to roam the sidelines during the late 1960s. There have been quite a few versions (four different costumes) of Benny since the original mascot's debut. The team's website even includes a historical background of Benny's family, including that it was his great-grandfather Benny who started the mascot trend.

Of the 30 teams now in the NBA, only five do not have a mascot to represent them on the sidelines. Benny performs with his acro-dunking friends, The Elevators, on regular occasions in the United Center. He also participates in dances with the Luvabulls Dance Team, spills popcorn, steals young fans' shoes and enters from the rafters of the stadium, among other crazy antics.

Benny's favorite part of being the team's mascot is the work he does off the court with the Bulls' charities and Illinois schools.
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