Microsoft's New Holographic Augmented Reality Glasses Are Totally Awesome

May 4, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
We don't have the flying cars and interplanetary travel just yet, but the holographic entertainment of "The Jetsons" is here. At a recent tech conference, Microsoft unveiled their new HoloLens technology, which will be paired with their upcoming Windows 10 software. The HoloLens creates an augmented reality experience, similar to Google Glass but much more powerful. This demonstration shows just a handful of the myriad of possibilities this device opens up.

In addition to the apps seen in this demo, a major consumer aspect of the device would be gaming. Imagine being able to actually build your castle in a 3-D, holographic version of "Minecraft." Holographic models would be an incredible learning tool for young medical students, as well as having obvious implications for the fields of architecture, design and engineering.
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