Moose Unexpectedly Gives Birth To Twins.

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I've lived in big cities for a long time and I loved them, but now that I live in the countryside, I have to say it's amazing to be able to see as much wildlife as I get to see. Comedian Louis C.K. joked that when he lived in New York City, seeing a deer on the occasional trip upstate was a huge deal that they'd stop the car for. Now that he lives upstate, deer are a common sight and he's realized they aren't magical creatures - in fact, he can't stand them!

While the interaction between animals and humans in suburban areas can sometimes be a bit strained, there are still plenty of amazing moments to be had. In Anchorage, Alaska, Victoria Hickey and Sarah Lochner took this video of a mama moose giving birth in someone's backyard! 

As if witnessing the miracle of life and the tenderness of the mother grooming her newborn as it takes its first few wobbly steps in this world wasn't already breathtaking enough, there's more to come. At the 3:50 mark, you can see a head pop out from behind the mother. Could it be? Yep, this mother is having twins! Congratulations to her, and kudos to the people who made sure their yard is a safe and peaceful enough location for the mother to consider using it for this special occasion!