Mother Graduates In Her Son's Place After Losing Him In A Car Accident

May 26, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Losing your son to a reckless driver just days before he would have graduated high school is the kind of heartbreak no mother should ever have to endure. But, 45-year-old Kaye Jackson of Calumet City, Illinois found herself in this position, and she discovered the strength to get through it - and get her son's diploma in the process.

Jackson's son, 18-year-old Aaron Dunigan, was a popular kid. He was the football team's quarterback and was looking forward to playing football at Southern Illinois University in the fall. On prom night, he came home to change out of his tuxedo before heading out to an after-party at a motel. Though she was worried for him, she wanted her son to enjoy his moment. Sadly, on the journey home, the driver of the vehicle Dunigan was in veered into oncoming traffic, killing Dunigan and the driver of the other vehicle.

Jackson, who had never graduated high school herself, decided the best way to honor her son would be to wear his cap and gown and get his diploma for him. It was a beautiful gesture that filled hearts with joy and pain at the same time. As for the driver that caused her son's death? Jackson forgives him, saying, “I want to hold him and let him know that Aaron loves him too ... It’s nobody’s fault.”
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