NASA Is Hiring Astronauts.

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When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A cowboy? A doctor? An astronaut? We all have big dreams when we're children, not taking into consideration the hard work and discipline that go into making each one of them come true. It might be too late for some of us to achieve our childhood career goals, but for those of us who wanted to become astronauts, NASA is offering a chance to make that dream a reality. 

Starting in December and continuing through February, NASA will be accepting applications for new astronauts. If you meet the qualifications and have a passion for space, you just might end up on the International Space Station in a few years. Of course, the people who have a chance of getting this job probably aren't finding out about it from a web video. Still, it's exciting to know that when the application process is all finished, a lucky few will have made their childhood selves proud.