Navigating A Charter Bus Through A Rock Tunnel On Needles Highway.

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Back in 2009, YouTuber fortnighte was on a vacation with his family visiting the area around Rapid City, South Dakota, when he recorded this video that's been a viral sensation ever since. One of the attractions around that area is South Dakota Highway 87, more popularly known as Needles Highway due to the hairpin turns and the barely single-lane roadways that thread through several granite "needles," which are narrow tunnels blasted out of the mountains, creating sheer granite walls on both sides.

As he was visiting Custer State Park, which Needles Highway winds through, he saw a charter bus near the entrance of one of the famously narrow granite tunnels. Being a bus driver himself, he stopped to record the seemingly-impossible feat, fearing that the bus would get stuck at any minute. Luckily, this bus wasn't being driven by an ordinary mortal and slowly but surely, it actually manages to come through! 

Due to the extremely narrow, winding roads, Needles Highway is used almost exclusively by sightseers and access to the highway actually requires a Custer State Park entrance license. Based on that, I'd venture to guess that this wasn't this bus driver's first rodeo on this road.