Navy Band Wows The Crowd With Their "Jersey Boys" Medley

Feb 8, 2016

The men and women who defend our freedom by serving in the Navy are a tough bunch. They are in peak physical shape, maintain a professional appearance and act as ambassadors of America abroad. But, did you know that they also have a musical side?

The U.S. Navy band is made up of six distinct performing groups, one of which is the "Sea Chanters," whom you will see in this video. With their diverse range of musicians and singers, the Navy Band is confident in their ability to play any style of music on any stage. According to their website, the Navy believes that their band "inspires patriotism, elevates esprit de corps, enhances Navy awareness and public relations, supports recruiting and retention efforts, preserves the Nation’s musical heritage, and projects a positive image at home and abroad." If you were to mention the Navy band to someone with an untrained ear, they might assume that it's a lot of horns and drums, but not much else. That couldn't be farther from the truth. While the Navy band can certainly play traditional songs for important ceremonies, they also know how to cut loose and flat-out entertain when the situation calls for it.

This clip, taken from the Concerts on the Avenue series from 2014, features the Sea Chanters performing a medley of songs from Jersey Boys. These songs, originally by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, represent a time of romance and nostalgia in America's history. When you hear these familiar beats, it's almost impossible not to be transported back to the 1960s. We hope you enjoy this wonderful performance as much as they enjoyed putting it on.

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