NBA Pros Make These Highlight Reel Moves Look Too Easy

Mar 6, 2015
The talent in the NBA is endless and arguably any of the fundamental skills of the game could be considered most important. Besides shooting, the ability to create a play is crucial and crossovers play a big role in that arena.

A crossover is a movement where the player dribbling the ball quickly shifts it from one hand to another. The move is usually done to create time for the offensive player and to throw off a defender. An effective crossover in basketball usually features three steps, with the first step usually being a fake. In this step, the ball handler is moving in one direction to make the defender believe he knows the path of motion. Next, there is a hesitation, giving the defender a chance to follow the fake. Finally, while switching the dribble from one hand to the other, the handler shifts direction to lose the defender. Check out the top 10 crossover moves from the NBA last month.
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