New Interstate Project Promises To Improve Both Traffic And Nature

Jun 16, 2015 By Houston Barber
The North Cascades National Park in Washington is home to vibrant and serene natural wildlife. Running straight through the park is I-90, a high traffic interstate that accommodates thousands of cars per day. When reconstruction was planned for the road, many feared it would harm or disturb the wildlife in the area. What resulted though was a beautiful example of cooperation and compromise that ended with one of the most unique stretches of highway in the country.

The park is protected by The Cascades Conservation Partnership. Instead of protesting the proposed highway expansion, the conservation worked with the Department of Transportation and figured out a way for both parties to be extremely satisfied. The new highway system has already been hailed as a success by employees and volunteers at the park, who have seen animals utilizing the recently constructed under- and overpasses. When groups come together to solve an issue rather than just fight, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.
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