Observe Two Master Woodworkers As They Turn A Tree Into A Stool.

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There's a popular television program called "How It's Made" that, just as the title implies, shows audiences how everyday items are made. An average episode will explore the manufacturing processes of various foods, toys or pieces of furniture. While it's fun to watch a large factory churn out thousands of products over the course of an hour, there's always something about it that feels impersonal. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, "Greenwood," the short documentary in which Tom Bonamici and Derek Lasher handcraft a stool, is about as personal as you can get. The film captures every second of the process, not skipping over any of the care that these two artists put into their work. Watching them practice their craft is not only relaxing, but it helps us appreciate what makes artisan items like this stool so special.