Octopus Builds Fort Out Of Massive Clam Shells

Aug 22, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
Thanks to the Internet, we have been able to see the oceans of the world, and their inhabitants, like never before. Each day seems to bring with it new and fascinating videos of sea creatures that we've never seen before, doing things we couldn't even imagine. We've seen the colossal squid, great white sharks jumping and sea creatures that look like floating plastic bags. Now, we get to see a pretty familiar creature doing something that is definitely noteworthy: this octopus is stealing shells. But why?

This Veined Octopus, affectionately dubbed "Kleptopus," steals shells to build forts, so to speak. Octopi have been known to use shells as protection when moving about in areas that offer little shelter from predators. Watch as "Kleptopus" mumbles and grumbles his way across the ocean floor in search of new materials for what is sure to be a great fort.
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