Office Worker Makes A Parody Video To Capture All The "Excitement" Of A Desk Job.

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A YouTube user by the name of Braziliandanny recently uploaded a video where he is wearing his GoPro camera while going to a "typical day at his office." As unexciting as this may sound, the editing work that was done makes it worth a viewer's time, especially if he/she is familiar with GoPro advertisements.

The GoPro camera was designed with action in mind. Described by the company as "versatile, powerful cameras" that have amazing accessories that could be used for "nearly any activity," their camera makes it "easier than ever to capture and share your world like never before." So of course, the ads for GoPro cameras usually focus on intense, adrenaline-fueled activities that involve extreme sports and, often, stunt professionals.

Although this video features adrenaline-filled activities like using the copy machine, shooting paper wads into trash cans and the ever-exploding pen rocket, the heart-thumping music and great editing makes it feel just as intense as the skydiving GoPro commercials of the past.