OK Go's Latest Music Video Plays With The Laws Of Gravity, And It's Seriously Awesome.

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OK Go are an American alternative rock band who are probably best known for their incredibly innovative and truly unique music videos. The band formed in Chicago in 1998, with their name being inspired by an art teacher who kept saying "Ok ... go!" to singer Damian Kulash and bassist Tim Nordwind while they were drawing at an arts camp as children. 

The band officially exploded into mainstream prominence with the unforgettable music video for their 2006 single "Here It Goes Again." That video, featuring the band dancing on treadmills with some pretty elaborate choreography, very quickly became a YouTube sensation (nearly 30 million views to date) and even won the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.

Given the success of that video, the band seemed to find their niche and nearly every video they've released since has had a similarly mind-bending quirk factor to it. They recently released this video for their single "Upside Down & Inside Out," which features the band seemingly defying gravity. The effect was produced by using a reduced gravity aircraft, which uses an elliptical flight path to create momentary weightlessness via freefall. The project was generously made possible by the Russian S7 Airlines.