Pit Bulls Become Surrogate Mothers For Blind Kittens

Jan 24, 2016 By Jake Brannon

When it comes to animals, there are certain species or breeds that we assume just don't get along. Obviously, some species hunt and eat each other, making it tough for them to become best friends. Let's just say you won't see an antelope grabbing a cup of coffee with a cheetah anytime soon. (Mainly because the cheetah would eat the antelope, but also because neither of them would be allowed inside of a Starbucks.)

Cats and dogs are probably the most notorious animal rivalry out there. We even define people by which animal they keep as a pet. You're either a cat person or a dog person, there is no in between. There's even a movie called Cats & Dogs where the long-time rivals battle each other for world domination. But, despite the narrative of conflict and disagreement that surrounds them, cats and dogs are actually capable of getting along pretty well.

Take Alfie and Frankie, two pit bulls who recently got three unexpected roommates in the form of blind kittens named Bruce, Willis and Helen. Their parents were worried about how the pit bulls would react to their new feline friends, but Alfie and Frankie couldn't have been sweeter. These pit bulls, which are often falsely accused of being violent by nature, began nurturing the three kittens and even let them nap on top of them from time to time. Check out the video below to learn more about this incredible story of adoption. Alfie and Frankie are proof that dogs will go on to exhibit the same love that their owners give them.

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