Pop And Classical Music Meet In This Violin Cover Of One Of Today's Hits.

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Derryck Gleaton, better known as DSharp, started playing the viola and violin when he was in the sixth grade, at just 11 years old. He had to choose between the electives of music and art and went with music. Although he'd have preferred the trumpet, the violin worked because he could borrow one from the school (rather than purchase the instrument on his own).

Initially, he strictly played classical music for the first two to three years, but eventually moved into more mainstream music, after he grew bored with classical. He developed his improvisational skills and learned to play most anything by ear. After completing high school, he graduated from the University of Alabama, where he had received a music scholarship.

Besides rocking his violin as DSharp, Gleaton also assumes his stage name as a vocalist, producer and DJ.