Prepare To Be Very Confused For The Next Two And A Half Minutes

Jul 19, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
It may take a few viewings to let this one really sink in. What we have here seems to be some sort of German singing spectacular with less-than-ideal lip-sync skills. The song is called "Fichtl's Lied," which translates to "Fichtl's Song," and is performed for you today by a band called Die Woodys. All attempts to find further information about this band have been futile, but when you've got something this intriguing, how much more do you really need to know?

Be sure to enjoy the woodland sound effects and the small, tree creatures that may or may not be singing. It's these kinds of details that make music videos truly great. The instruments designed to look like logs and tree stumps are a nice touch, as well. All in all, this is a solid video that leaves viewers a little amused and a lot confused.
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