Proof That Yawning Is Contagious, No Matter The Species

Jun 28, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone
Yawning has long been seen as a sign of boredom. This can sometimes be true, but scientists have proposed up to 20 different causes for yawns. Still, its strong association with boredom has led us to resist doing it in front of others, do it quietly when we must and to cover our mouths when we do.

The unique thing about yawns is their contagiousness. It was only proven in the last few years in a scientific way that animals can "catch" a yawn from a human. Initially it was thought that this was due to the domestication of certain animals, such as dogs and cats, but more recently even wolves have been seen yawning when humans do, and vice versa.

This adorable trio of kittens has clearly reached the age where yawns become contagious, but how it happens is the real treat.
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