Public School System Presents A Little-Known Look At The Japanese Internment Camps Of WWII

Jun 10, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Based in Rockville, Maryland, Montgomery County Public Schools has an enrollment of nearly 155,000 students, the largest system in Maryland. Their television channel, MCPS TV, provides programming to more than 220,000 homes and all of the 202 schools in the district. With a vision to produce programs that "inform, train, and instruct for students, teachers, staff and community," its programming is going far beyond its initial cable broadcast, which aired back in February 1986. The station was initially designed as an internal training facility for both students and staff, recording board meetings and other school events and later showing them on the channel.

Although some of the original programming components are still in place, the production has widened to include many different topics and options for their programs. Streaming since 2001, the staff and students are now responsible for 40 hours of programming each day. MCPS TV creates its own shows like this historical piece on Japanese internment camps in WWII. Created in cooperation with Fath Davis Ruffins, the curator of the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution, the content was produced and written by Todd Hochkeppel, the multimedia producer and director at MCPS.
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