Pure White Fox Is Crushing The Internet With Cuteness

May 17, 2015 By Christi Mulligan

This sweet Red fox is named Rylai. She is named after the DOTA 2 hero, pronounced "Rye-lie" (think bread, think lying). Immediately, the first thought is how is this gorgeous little white fox considered a Red fox? Well, it has to do with her coat color variation, which is called white marble.

Through selective breeding, foxes have been bred for coat color variation for over 100 years. Even though she is just 1 month old, her coat color, white with gray accents on the base of her tail and tips of her ears, will stay that color for the remainder of her life. However, her beautiful blue eye color will change with time.

Like many mammals, she was born with blue eyes and somewhere between the seventh and ninth weeks of her life, they will change to a darker color.


Much like the pets that live in many homes, Rylai  loves to be loved. When she is falling asleep or once she is asleep, she makes a purring sound that sounds much like a cat.

She also does tricks for treats. For example, Rylai is currently learning to "shake" with her paw and also to walk on a lead, but like any baby mammal, she is a little skittish around strangers and loud noises.


This adorable animal is already a star on social media with both a Facebook page and an Instagram account. She has over 60,000 followers on the picture site and her page has just over 15,000 likes on Facebook.  She comes from a long line of foxes that were bred as pets and her owner believes she would not fair well in the wild.

Many states have outlawed foxes as pets and so social media might just be the only place where people can enjoy her.

Via: Distractify

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