Purple Paint Carries Significant Meaning In Many States.

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If you or someone you know is a homeowner, you know how serious of an issue trespassing can be. While the average suburban house might not deal with it very often, trespassing is something that people who own a large amount of property must be acutely aware of. No one wants a stranger to enter their own private space without being invited. When we have a small house or an apartment, it's pretty easy to make sure no one hangs around who isn't supposed to be there, but when we're dealing with even a few acres, certain precautions must be taken. 

In the state of Texas, as well as several others across the United States, the color purple is helping keep people off of land they aren't supposed to be on. That's right, if you come across a tree or fence post painted purple, it is the equivalent of a private property sign, signifying that you are not to proceed any further. This is especially important when it comes to informing hunters that they cannot hunt on your property. Most states treat trespassing as a misdemeanor, though it can be considered a felony depending on the intent of the person trespassing.

If you think purple seems like an odd choice, you're not alone. As one man in the video puts it, "To me, the color purple means a movie. That's the only thing I know colored purple." If you'd like to learn more about your state's laws and symbols surrounding trespassing, check out this handy guide.