Push Yourself To The Limit With Honda's Speed-Reading Test

Feb 24, 2015
Speed-reading is, just as it sounds, a way for people to increase how quickly they can read. Some techniques include reading silently and guiding on the page with a finger or pen. There is a multitude of books, videos, and even seminars to help increase reading speed as well. This unusual car commercial uses a more intense method to test viewers' speed-reading abilities.

The Honda commercial was developed by W+K London, an independently owned advertising agency, with the clever thought of tying speed-reading to the insane speed of their latest model. The test used in the commercial was inspired by a number of speed-reading apps that put one word on the screen at a time and increase the speed at which they're shown. Follow along and, before you know it, you'll be reading as fast as almost 500 words per minute.
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