Red Bull's Art Of Motion Online Qualifier, Alfred Scott, Has Some Sick Moves

Aug 15, 2015 By Sarah Brennan
"The Red Bull Art Of Motion 2015" is an annual event run by the energy drink empire that aims to gather free running talent. The process is very community-based and works through a polling system. The public, along with competitors, are free to submit video applications of potential winners. What proceeds is a rigorous polling system, also managed by the public. This year, the Art Of Motion takes place in Oia, Greece.

Alfred Scott, from the U.S.A., is one of the biggest names in the competition. Many are rallying behind him, and he has consequently gathered a massive audience. The qualifying round has recently ended with Alfred making it to the final round, so on October 1st, he will be showing off his impressive skills once again. Here is his original audition tape. It is truly breathtaking.
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