Research Indicates That People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy - They're Geniuses.

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Growing up, my mother always told me that I looked crazy whenever I would talk to myself, but I never paid it any mind. I liked talking to myself in certain situations because vocalizing my thoughts helped me clear my mind and organize my ideas a little better. I also like to pace when I'm brainstorming so between that, the muttering to myself and my long, frizzy hair that sometimes gets disheveled when I think, I'm sure I looked pretty wild.

According to some newer research, however, talking to yourself isn't crazy at all - in fact, it has several benefits. As I stated above, talking to yourself can actually help you organize your thoughts.

Additionally, it can help with memory recall and complex problem solving. As children, self-directed speech is critically important in being able to learn language and work through tasks like tying shoelaces. The video below provides a helpful explanation of why talking to yourself isn't crazy and is actually a pretty smart thing to do.

Note: talking to yourself in this instance is defined as vocalizing some of your thought processes. It should not be confused with potentially hearing and/or responding to voices that only you can hear, which is a potential symptom of serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia or having multiple personalities.