Retired Marine Corps Pilot Buys And Flies A Personal Collection Of Top-Notch Fighter Jets

May 29, 2015 By Houston Barber
Harrier Jump Jets are some of the most nimble and difficult to fly aircrafts in the world, but that didn't stop retired test pilot Lt. Col. Art Nalls, who recently bought the plane and became a very rare civilian owner of a fighter jet. The British-built jet was first manufactured in 1969 but became most popular during the Falklands War of the 1980s. In this war, the aircraft helped the British win by taking down over twenty Argentine planes.

Nalls was able to acquire the jet after learning that the British government was discontinuing the use of the plane in combat and looking to get rid of them. Nalls won't reveal how much he spent to purchase the Harrier, but it is estimated by the Daily Mail that Nalls spent upwards of $2.5 million. To fly the plane costs $150 a minute. Nevertheless, Nalls considers it all worth it to own a piece of history and fulfill a lifelong dream.
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