Sal Valentinetti Earns A Golden Buzzer With His Extraordinary Sinatra Cover

Jun 19, 2016

Sal Valentinetti is the third contestant to receive the coveted Golden Buzzer from one of the judges at “America's Got Talent”. The 20-year-old appeared on June 14th’s airing of the show, and immediately dazzled the crowd with his unique rendition of the popular Frank Sinatra song “My Way”. 

Not only is the Long Island-born contestant an amazing vocalist, but he also possesses a unique charisma that you rarely see in other singers who audition for the show. At the beginning of his performance, Valentinetti makes it clear that he wants to bring back the era of Dean Martin roasts and repopularize big-band music. When asked why he got interested in performing this type of music, he poignantly said, “My grandmother.” 

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H/T: America's Got Talent

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