"Sea Bunnies" Are Sweeping The Internet Off Its Feet

Jul 18, 2015 By Mary Madsen
The Internet is a wild and crazy place, full of all things new, interesting or weird. Sometimes, like in the case of this little creature, things pop up that tick all three categories.

Down in the deep sea around Japan (and elsewhere in the Pacific and Indian Oceans) lives the Jorunna parva. With its fluffy-looking round body and long, upright "ears," the tiny critter looks just like a bunny. While most people would never even know about its existence, the gomafu biroodo umiushi (or goma-chan, as it's called by divers) is now working its way towards worldwide fame on the 'net. Tickled by the rabbit-like appearance, Japanese Twitter users wanted to share their local marine animal with the world ... and aren't you glad they did?
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