See If You Can Pass This Vision Test.

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Going the eye doctor can be quite the pain. You have to dilate your eyes and go through all sorts of tests that seem to take forever. Worst of all, they give you those awful paper sunglasses. Picking out glasses can be a fun experience but everything that comes with it is often miserable. If only there was a quicker way to evaluate your vision. 

OK, this might not be the most medically accurate way to measure your vision, or medically accurate at all, but it’s still a fun test to see how sharp your eyesight is. The test was developed by YouTuber BigKnows and he wants to stump you by lining paragraphs of a single number or letter together and asking you to pick out the one difference. If you think this sounds difficult, you’re right. It has been said that only 33% of adults can fully complete this challenge.  Try it first without glasses on, and if you are having trouble try it again with your glasses on. If you still can’t get it with your glasses on, you may want to think about changing your prescription.

We tried this test at the offices and it was just as difficult as advertised. One person was able to complete it entirely but the rest of us got tripped up. I might be having to make a trip to the eye doctor sometime soon.