See The Inner Workings Of The Giant Wanamaker's Organ In Philadelphia.

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This musical instrument is one that can truly be called epic; in addition to its size, the history behind the world-famous organ is also interesting.

When it was announced that St. Louis would hold a World's Fair in 1904, the Los Angeles Art Organ Company decided to build the largest organ in the world. Spending spiraled out of control, reaching the equivalent of $2.75 million today. Unsurprisingly, the company was bankrupted by the venture.

In 1909, John Wanamaker bought the organ for his famous department store. He added 8,000 pipes (bringing the total to 18,000), but his son was the one who made the organ what it is today. Starting in 1924, Rodman Wanamaker began an expansion project that only stopped at 28,482 pipes due to his death.