See What The Tour De France Looks Like For The Competing Cyclists

Jul 14, 2015 By Mary Madsen
The Tour de France has been held since 1903, with a few interruptions during the wartime. Although spectators flock to see the prestigious event in person each year, most have never seen it quite like this.

Luckily, Nick Woodman founded a company that changed up the way we see sports (and so much more). In 2002, while on a surf trip, he noticed the lack of options for capturing the action on film. With a desire to produce a camera system that provided professional angles at a reasonable price, he began selling handcrafted items to raise money. With that and an investment from his parents, GoPro, Inc. was born. Since then, GoPro has introduced several product options and gone public, which valued the company at just under $3 billion.
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