She Gets Half-Price Tuition If She Sinks This Shot. She Misses, But Keep Your Eyes On The Ball.

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To Angela Ramey, nothing means more to her than her daughter, Grace. As any loving mother would do, she sacrificed so much to give her daughter the best possible opportunities in life, even when things got very hard. For the Ramey family, this meant sacrificing a lot to send their daughter to a private Christian school so that she would receive the best opportunities to learn while growing up.

Schools like this are far from cheap, so you can imagine their excitement when an opportunity came to win half a year’s worth of tuition. This opportunity was given as a grand prize to the family that raised the most money for a school fundraiser for Kids Against Hunger. Angela and Grace won, but the catch was that this opportunity came in the form of sinking a basketball from half court. Neither are Steph Curry, but this half-court shot is definitely one to remember.