Some Fantastic Vines Show Our Planet Like You've Never Seen It Before

Mar 27, 2015

Vine has become quite a popular social media outlet, nearing the same amount of users as both Twitter and Instagram. Vine, much like other social media accounts, is typically flooded with snippets of cute animals, babies, or ridiculous pranks. But NASA astronaut Terry Virts changed it up with his own Vine account.

Virts is frequently out in space doing all sorts of exploration, but sometimes he just can't help but take a Vine. And while his account is full of neat shots from outer space, one, in particular, is catching everyone's eye. Virts was able to get a look at the northern lights, or aurora borealis, from space and, of course, caught it on Vine. The view is nothing like you’ve ever seen and certainly not something you'll forget.

Credit: Terry VirtsBGR

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