Spring Cleaning With Baron The German Shepherd.

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Baron Vom Herrnthe, also known as "Baron The German Shepherd," has quite the following. Baron's following has as much to do with what he does as how cute he looks. Baron is so well trained that he really may think he is human.

With just a peek at his Instagram and Facebook pages, he can be seen performing all sorts of tasks, including using a toilet, flushing and returning the seat to its original position. As a mom of four children (including two teenage boys), I've not been able to train them to use the bathroom correctly, let alone a dog. There is another task that Baron is able to do (and upon the mere mention of this word my four children flee the room) - he cleans. This dog vacuums, sweeps, dusts and loads the dishwasher. It is simply amazing what he can do.

His owner runs Hill Country K9, a dog training facility. They have recently moved to Southern California from the East Coast, but with these results, it is likely to be a booming business regardless of which coast they work from.