Students Reunite With Their Favorite Teachers.

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Not counting college and/or other higher education, the average American spends roughly 10-15% of his/her entire life in school. That's a pretty big chunk of your life and during that time, you're probably spending a roughly equal amount of time with your teachers as you are at home with your family. Unsurprisingly, just about everyone has a memory of a favorite teacher who inspired them or cared for them; someone who, in one way or another, made a difference in their lives.

A Plus, a YouTube channel started by actor/producer Ashton Kutcher to shine a light on relevant social issues, recently uploaded this video about teachers. In it, various people are asked to talk about a teacher that they remember as having been influential to them in a positive way. They don't know it, but those same teachers were brought to the set that day and are hiding just off-screen where they can't be seen during the interview. The magical moment when they realize that special teacher has been there the whole time is absolutely beautiful - not just because it's a touching reunion but also because it shows the teachers just how important they were to someone.