Students Share Their Innermost Thoughts With A Caring Teacher

Apr 21, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
A teacher at Denver's Doull Elementary School has found a brilliant way to not only get her students to open up about themselves, but also to get closer to them as young people.

Kyle Schwartz, being a teacher at a school with a very high rate of poverty that affects the young kids, wanted to create a safe space for the children to be open about their home lives, potential concern or positive notes. The response to Schwartz's "I wish my teacher knew..." notes was overwhelming.

She posted some of the answers from her students online and received replies to similar prompts from other schools all over the world. The most important thing about the movement, however, is that Schwartz's students now know that, no matter how tough their lives out of school may be, they have a caring and listening friend in Ms. Schwartz.
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