Stunning Timelapse Of A Volcanic Explosion Shows The Power Of Nature

Mar 5, 2015
Volcán de Colima, also known as the Volcan de Fuego, is one of the most active volcanoes in North America and Mexico and likely one of the most dangerous. A strong eruption was caught via webcam on the morning of Wednesday, January 21. The mountain shot a column of ash nearly 4 kilometers into the air with additional volcanic matter reaching up to 9 km into the atmosphere. Falling ash was reported up to 78 km away from the mountain, but explosive activity was considered to be low to moderate.

There were lava flows on the west and northwest sides of the stratovolcano, and residents were encouraged not to travel within 5 km of the mountain. The main eruption was followed by bursts of ash emissions throughout the day. Researchers have closely studied the Colima volcano for the last 20 years as it has a history of eruptions dating back to the 16th century. The most recent, major eruption occurred in 1913.
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